The HYUN experience

HYUN thrives to maintain the taste and aroma of Korean food that has been around for many generations. We believe that only when the food, the atmosphere, and the space are all in harmony together, we can provide a pleasurable experience of the Korean food and culture. In Korean barbecue culture, Koreans are meticulous when it comes to the quality of meat.‘Hyun’ pursues the original perfection of meat from selection of raw wagyu to processing. We promise to only provide beef prepared on the same day using our experts' own technique, carefully selected top grade Japanese wagyu beef.

밥 먹었니?

Have you eaten?

In Korean culture, asking “Have you eaten?” has the same meaning as “How are you”. Koreans place a significant meaning on having a meal. As we believe people are at their best with a full stomach. We will continue to study and present balanced Korean food as well as the natural taste of fresh ingredients.

The HYUN experience


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